Application for a Breeders Prefix

Prefix Name Choice

A prefix name, once accepted and registered, shall not be altered, or amended in any manner whatsoever. The name may be cancelled and a new name submitted, however the new name shall be deemed to a new application and processed as such.

A prefix name shall:

Be limited to ONE word consisting of not less than four (4) letters and not more than twelve (12) letters;

Not include numbers, whether in numerals or words, not include apostrophes, hyphens or punctuation marks of any kind. However no restrictions shall be placed on the use of the words "von" or "vom";

Not be identical to, similar spelling or phonetically to a prefix name already registered, which could be deemed to cause misunderstanding or confusion;

Not include the name of any breed of dog

First Preference
Second Preference
Third Preference
Fourth Preference
Fifth Preference


A Country, town or suburb

A complete surname or first name

A common animal name used more than 5 times on the ANKC database

A notable person

A familiar brand or company name

An Australian Registered Business

Identical or similar in spelling to a prefix name that is already registered, which could cause confusion or misunderstanding

An overseas prefix spelt exactly the same that is registered with an overseas Canine Controlling Body. These shall be protected at all times.

Cannot include the full name of any breed of dog

May be considered inappropriate, offensive or unpronounceable

            Cannot include the word KENNEL/S/KNL

Payment of $141.44 may be made by credit card, once you click Pay Now.

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